The Supreme Council of Antiquities is pleased to present to you the newly created website which was launched on the 23rd of April 2008.

What makes this website unique is the fact that it provides a kaleidoscope of impressions on the Coptic Museum and historic churches in Old Cairo as well as various aspects of the Coptic heritage by means of multimedia: Panoramic views of churches, interviews with church fathers, virtual tours through the churches and Old Cairo, interactive audio-instruction for the pronunciation of the Coptic alphabet, reading of a Coptic script and photos of Old Cairo from the bird’s eye view. A selection of artefacts from the Coptic Museum exemplifies its rich holdings. Outstanding articles on Marcus Simaika - the Founder of the Coptic Museum, the museum’s history, Coptic language, monks and monasticism, art, music, customs and traditions reveal Coptic culture in all its diversity.

The contributors are mainly members of the Coptic community who supported the realisation of the website with great enthusiasm: The Bishop from Old Cairo, monks and nuns, fathers of churches and monasteries, professors from the Institute of Coptic Studies, curators and restorers of the Coptic Museum and Copts living abroad. All of them create a vital picture of Egypt’s Christian culture that is complex yet simple. A few contributions were made by Non-Copts who take a special interest in the Coptic culture either professionally or for its mere admiration.

Please bear with us for the next few months until all updates have been added to the website.

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