It is with great pride that I see the launching of Parrhêsia Newsletter – an initiative taken by the Friends of the Coptic Museum. Might I add that Parrhêsia comes from the Coptic/Greek language meaning ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Our association since its inception just over a year ago has been very active in helping the museum’s management in various aspects to make the museum a visitor-friendly place and to bring it up to the rank of international museums.

Communication between the members is of outmost importance so that we all know what is happening and for us to share information amongst ourselves. We hope this newsletter will enable us to do so. Parrhêsia is not only intended to inform members of events that have taken place but also includes articles by researchers on topics that interest readers whom are passionate about the Coptic Society in Egypt. Most important of all it can be used by members to share with their friends to further expand our NGO and increase our membership base, hence activities.

I am very grateful to Dr. Nadja Tomoum from the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) and to my assistant Sarah Sue for taking the initiative in seeing this dream of mine comes true.

We look forward to receiving comments, contributions and further suggestions to enhancing Parrhêsia. And if you think it will add to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), perhaps place an advert that will go towards covering the costs of keeping in touch via Parrhêsia. You may contact us on

On behalf of the Board members, I wish you a good read.

Farid Mansour
Friends of the Coptic Museum

Download Parrhêsia 1st edition (PDF, 4,6 MB)